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Skeels Technical Services

Identifying, Mitigating, Protecting from the EMFs in our environment

Although unseen and largely ignored by most of us, electromagnetic radiation from man-made sources has increased to a level in the neighborhood of ONE SEXTILLION times the natural background level. This large and alarming increase has come about as mankind invents and deploys numerous electronic devices and systems, including powerline proliferation, Cell phones and towers, WiFi routers, PCs, tablets, DECT phones, baby monitors, smart meters and countless other electronic devices. Numerous studies have shown that all of this EMF can have serious health effects on  people and animals. Governmental standards lag behind in these areas and many individuals are suffering from EMF-related health problems. By and large, most of us are unaware of these issues and lack the expertise to deal with them.  Skeels Technical Services has the necessary tools, training and expertise to identify and address sources of EMF in your home and business, and offer solutions. We work with you to get the results you want and need. Contact us to learn more.

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Serving the Stateline area in Illinois and southern Wisconsin

NOTE: Due to the problems of EMF radiation from cell phones, my cell phone is in airplane mode most of the time. I carry a one way pager. My pager #: 815-983-3690. Send an email to my pager (text only):

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